Welcome to Adrianne Codes (again!)

My very first Hashnode post!

Adrianne Codes has returned! The platform and style is completely different, fresh, and brand-new.

I have officially moved to Hashnode to continue blogging under my personal coding blog, Adrianne Codes. I closed my self-hosted WordPress blog to Hashnode for one reason: I no longer have the time or the drive to continue custom-building my entire site when I can focus more on writing and content.

At one point, I wanted to restart fresh and switch to another blogging platform from WordPress to a much lighter, simpler static platform called Typemill. However, customizing default blogs proved a little difficult and I had a learning curve of understanding PHP and the Twig templating system. I don't know a lot of either, and I decided to give up customizing a default theme with the backend.

I have a DEV account where I was required to open one and write all my blog posts there for a previous bootcamp. However, after scheduling conflicts, I had to drop out of the program, and I ended up abandoning my DEV, still preferring to self-host my posts. I learned about Hashnode from some of the people I follow on my personal Twitter and learned that we could map custom domains there. Because of that, I decided to map my domain here.

That's my Hashnode migration story. I love it here so far, and I hope I can continue to write here for a long period of time.

Status in my acolyte coder journey

I'm still an acolyte coder. I still love web development. In a way, I still want to pursue web development. But as of this moment, I discovered two other fields that caught my interest: manual and automation QA (mostly in software, code, etc.) and data analysis and visualization. I dabbled with data analysis and visualization with Python before from Skillcrush, and I had fun with it. However, I didn't pursue it and still went back to web development.

To my excitement, my current employer has a career education program benefit that I can enroll in various programs through colleges/universities or bootcamps. I thought of getting into another web development bootcamp like last year, but this time, I opted to join a data analysis program. My math and statistics are very weak, and I'm a little intimidated by data science, but I do love researching and problem-solving, and presenting solutions visually as well as with words. Plus, in this program, I get to learn another language specifically for statistics and data analysis: R. I still have no clue what R is, so I'm very excited and eager to learn.

I don't know what format this program is going to use, but I do want to stick here at Hashnode to write about the things I learned. My data analysis program begins near the end of July.

This has been my first post here at Hashnode. Thank you for reading!