Touching Data Analytics?

There is data here... data there... data over there... data everywhere. I have just begun my journey into data analytics through Merit America and ended my first week today. In a way, I'm glad that I decided to jump into this opportunity instead of just thinking about it and not doing anything bout it. There was a lot of work and struggles to juggle my time between work and free time, but looking back now, everything was worth it.

I guess you can say that my curiosity would not end. I'm referring to the type of curiosity where I want to learn more about the world around me, especially the world that wasn't commonly discussed. The more I learn about them, the more my curiosity peaks. I figured that maybe I could use my brimming curiosity and make use of it to make a lot of difference in data-driven decisions of any kind, whether it's in business or even with hobbies.

I'm curious about finding answers to everyday questions, the who, what, where, why, and how. I need to know them. The world needs to know them. I need to share the solutions based on existing facts and not make up any bluff. We need to know those answers to make the best decisions and progress toward success. That's data analytics.

I still love web development. I still consider myself an acolyte coder. But I feel completely burned out after my failure to stay in last year's web development program. It was way too much, and the heavy load on the studies just affected my mental state. It also didn't help that no support system was available, as the previous BootCamp was running on ET time (I live on PT time). I had to follow their time zone - 3 hours earlier than the deadline, and keeping up was too much for me. I do hope that one day, I can get back into web development again, but based on the data analytics first-week lessons, I feel that I may have to leave web development behind. If I succeed in the data analytics program, I may pursue data science immediately. We shall see.

First-week lessons are still foundations, so there isn't much technical stuff yet. There's still some coding in a way in data analytics, but more of retrieving and manipulating data from spreadsheets or databases using formulas, SQL, and R. I still remember taking a data visualization course in Skillcrush using Python and its libraries like Pandas, Seaborn, etc. Maybe one day also, I may return to learning Python just for data analytics.

This is a short entry, but I'd like to write right after the hectic Week 1 assignment. Maybe in the next entry, I'll write something a lot more concrete - data analytics-related. In addition, I also plan on writing some sample case studies that I may deem worthy of adding to my upcoming portfolio.

Speaking of portfolios, I will not be renewing my domain, as the domain extension isn't exactly appropriate for an upcoming data analytics portfolio. I tried that with my past projects from Skillcrush years ago with my Python data visualization projects. When I had my feedback from my fellow alumni, one point out was that the domain extension I'm using doesn't exactly match my data visualization projects added in my Work section. Looking back, I see their point.

My former link in bio page under the domain has been removed as I changed my web host's main domain to that. I purchased another domain months ago that would serve as my link in bio page with the domain extension of .bio.

That would be it. I'm excited to see my progress in this data analytics journey. If I do survive, I may feel like I found my true calling career-wise. The world's questions everyday need to be answered, and that's why the world needs data analysts of any type.

I'm down for it.