Dear Adrianne,

Girl, you've made it! You failed to finish last year's web development bootcamp cohort because of real-life circumstances and other unfortunate events. You decided to take on something unfamiliar instead of waiting for another grueling web development bootcamp opening this year. And now here you are --- Certified Data Analyst!

Who would have thought that you'd discover that you've got a knack for solving problems by searching around for answers? You've always been an explorer, even if you don't come out of the house that often. But at least you're an explorer when it comes to the internet, right? You've always believed you're a creator rather than the solver. You've tried everything: art, music, website building... you've always enjoyed them but have yet to succeed in turning your passion into a full-time career.

So, all this time, after so many several (odd)jobs you've had, you've been an explorer and a solver all this time? How amazing is that? Being able to discover a skill you're naturally good at but never knew all this time until recently? Of all the fields out there you could've chosen that involves searching for answers, it's data analytics? You even thought of advancing yourself already and you haven't even started working as a data analyst. Data engineering, maybe? Or a data architect? Maybe even a data scientist?

This certification is only the beginning, girl. You still got another bumpy road ahead of you. I know you don't have much time because of the work schedule you've got. How about we start a new journey again? Search for the perfect data analyst job... and build more projects to upgrade your portfolio... or even become an expert in one of these: SQL? R? Data visualization like Tableau? Or even go back to one of the languages you learned years ago, Python? Sure, let's go for it!

I'll write to you again after you get to these goals in the future. For now, godspeed to you and your family!

Yours truly,