Data Analytics Specialization?

A few days ago, I was looking through YouTube to watch some videos about the data analytics field. I wanted to watch people who are already in the field or have some experience in the field just so I can imagine myself that I'm embarking myself to become a data analyst in the future.

And then I came across this video, where they stated that having a data analytics certificate of completion, specifically mentioning the Google Data Analytics cert, is not enough to get an entry-level job. Let's watch it here:

What do you think? Is a Google Data Analytics certificate not enough to be qualified for an entry-level data analytics job?

I have just completed the third week of my data analytics cohort, and I'm already going through the third course of the Google Data Analytics program. Every step of the process has gotten me hooked, and according to the video, it's better to have a certification in a specific subject within the field, like Tableau and Power BI. I like SQL and the basics of R so far, so I'm wondering if there are any specialized certifications for both.

The fourth week will start tomorrow, concluding the foundational phase of the program. The nitty-gritty of data analytics will begin in two weeks. The fourth week will be the phase progression check with our cohort coaches and will be determining if we get to continue with the program or if we'll be removed from the program. Thinking about it, I started to reminisce about last year's web development program that I enrolled in at Flatiron School and how I ended up dropping out. Maybe I ended up enrolling in a cohort in which their process didn't align with my ideal way of studying and my past schedule, even though I have 3 days off, didn't work with the cohort scheduling. I wrote about it in detail in my past Adrianne Codes self-hosted blog, but I also mentioned a little bit of it in my blog. I even wrote a post on how I can build my own "custom" BootCamp. Honestly, it didn't work out because real life and other things got in the way.

And eventually, I ended up falling out of web development and discovered data analytics. This is one of the reasons why I moved to Hashnode and closed my self-hosted blog and kind of abandoned I felt that Hashnode is a good place for me to blog my current activities in data analytics.

I also plan on building my portfolio, of course, but I'm not familiar with how data analytics portfolios look like. Should I build my own site and self-host my portfolio, or should I just use my profiles from Kaggle or GitHub? Here's another thought too.

I'd love to do specializations in related fields one day, but for now, I want to stick to the basics.