Hello, and welcome to Adrianne Codes, a personal blog, now hosted under Hashnode, about my code and technology-learning journeys.

I created this tech-centered personal blog under a cringy name, The NINPOJineous (with the url ninpojineous.ninja), many years ago. It was when they called expert coders ninjas and how people who love to code were considered geniuses. So, I combined the two words and formed this strange name for a blog. It wasn't meant to be public, as every entry that I wrote were all based on my personal views, rather than contributing something to the community of coders and techies.

Just when I began to get a little more serious with coding, plus new domain extensions were introduced outside of the .com, .net, .org, and .ninja, I decided to personalize this blog even further by using my real first name. Thus, the name Adrianne Codes was born and changed the blog name.

The Technical Stuff of The NINPOJineous/Adrianne Codes

I was self-teaching myself WordPress and powered this blog using WordPress. In my opinion, It is still one of the best free, open-source blog and CMS platforms ever invented. I'm still using WordPress for my other sites, but I decided to make a big move for this one and join a bigger community of coders and techies worldwide and want to contribute something related. Last year, in my web development bootcamp, we were required to sign an account for Medium or a DEV account and blog about what we learned, as well as the projects we built. I wanted to be more specific in a coders and developers community, so I chose DEV.

I discovered Hashnode on my personal Twitter account, where most of the ones I'm following are web developers and tech professionals. What I like about the platform is that Hashnode has a subscription that allows us to use our own domain names in place of the default URL. That was when I decided to make the big move from my self-hosted WordPress system to Hashnode. One main reason was because I no longer have the time to do backend maintenance for them. It became a hassle for me.

Second, I love how Hashnode also supports Markdown. My self-hosted WordPress has Jetpack installed and enabled Markdown support. Since then, I have been writing my blog posts using Markdown. I also use Markdown on my hobby blogs, such as Starpura Space.

Lastly, I love the ease of Hashnode's interface. WordPress and DEV also have nice interfaces, but somehow, I grew attached to Hashnode. Well, here I am, and I hope to say. That includes the Adrianne.codes domain, too.

Some other technical stuff regarding this blog

  • Logo I made using Adobe Illustrator and some (freebie) graphics. I like seashells

  • It's blue. It's always been blue. I like all shades of blue, but for Adrianne Codes, it's always sky/pastel blue

  • Powered by Hashnode and Markdown

  • Domain serviced by Namecheap

The Content?

When I started The NINPOJineous ages ago, not only did it consist of blog entries, but I also included some basic (and now outdated) tutorials for hobbyist web designers and web developers. I even started sharing some WordPress tutorials, such as migrating WordPress sites to building WordPress sites using local environments. I also had a very early tutorial for Gutenberg too. I also introduced a few static site generators, such as Hugo at one point too. Those were the old days.

I recently made a transition from web development to data analytics. I finally got my certificate from Google Data Analytics via Coursera and feel good having great support from my classmates and through Merit America. SQL and R are two languages I learned during the cohort, and I'm also taking in-depth supplemental courses focusing on SQL and R. I may also get back to refreshing Python. Yes, they're still coding, so the blog name still stays.

From this point on, it will be mostly about data analytics, UX Design, and good ol' web dev. They may include data analytics case studies and other things, but this will likely be a general techies' personal blog. Please stay tuned!

About me

Instead of writing my long life story here, I'll share with you some of my projects tied to my interests and some social media networks that I more or less frequent. Please visit my "Linktree" page and feel free to explore if you're interested.